Do you need a fresh and fun professional development event for  your staff this year?

I know your teachers sing and dance with their students....RIGHT????!!!!??????????
If they don't, I'll inspire them to start.   If they do, I'll give them new ideas to run with.
My interactive trainings are about incorporating music and dance throughout the preschool curriculum; and I have presented regionally, statewide, and nationally.
People have said about my trainings:

 " Loved it, very inspirational.....Great presenter...

  Great info and ideas...Tons to put into use right away....

  Dance will be such a wonderful addition to my toddler room...

  Really enjoyed this class, will help out a lot in my after school program...So helpful! " 
I am a specialty discipline trainer contracted through SERK .  As you may know, that means SERK pays my fee and the training needs to be listed on the PD Registry. Participants may earn pqas hours or Act 48 credits. I have also offered trainings at conferences and customized trainings for individual schools.
Presently the courses I am offering are as follows:
                Singing and Dancing together
                Creative Yoga
                Music and Movement
                More Moves for More Kids 
CONTACT ME for more information:  Elizabeth   610-896-6803
“I decided if I want to continue to sing, which I love, I need to keep moving,”
              the singer and civil-rights activist Mavis Staples said.

                       from New Yorker article:  "Mavis Staples on Prince, Trump,
                       Black Lives Matter, and  her Exercise Regimen" 
                       September 11, 2017

Getting ready for fall classes.  I am reviewing my Ocean plans. 
Get a free copy of part of it by going to:     --   search "Ocean Dance"
PLUS:   Attention Early Childhood Educators
Elizabeth Luff  offers trainings in movement for preschoolers  through the PD Registry for Keystone Stars practitioners.  For more information call 610-896-6903

One day in a co-ed preschool dance class, I asked the children why we dance.  (My lesson plan had to do with telling stories through dance and this question was meant to introduce that concept.)

Children have a joy of movement that we adults are trained out of.   Did you ever hear a child say, “Oh, I can’t dance.  I don’t know how to dance, I have no rhythm.”  They do not say that.  Because they know they can dance.

“ ’Cause it’s fun?” replied Claire. 

“Because we move our muscles!” announced Danny.

“I like to dance, and do ballerina moves,” agreed Erin. 

And they were all off, dancing, spinning, jumping.  Just talking about it wasn’t enough.  They were, truly, irrepressible!

Everyone can dance.  Dance is natural: animals perform mating dances and the first people danced as part of everyday life to bring rain, to celebrate birth, to mourn. Their daily movements became ritualized in dance: harvesting moves and hunting moves, stamping down  grass to make a clearing.

But our lives became less dependent on physical chores like hunting and farming. People know they need to move more so they walk and lift weights and do the treadmill while watching TV.  But I am talking about moving the way you feel, the way you need to, the way you want to--to express your humanity – to celebrate community.

Look what happened when Ellen DeGeneres danced on her first talk show.  It became a fixture though it was not planned that way.

People like and need to dance together.


Enjoy these group dance celebrations:

(song by Mike Taylor)

From the mouths of babes.....

Rough day here for me, a Hillary supporter.  But as I started my 3:30 pm creative dance class for 3,4, and 5 years olds at a nearby preschool, little blonde, blue eyed Sophia looked right at me and said, with perfect timing and intonation:
                                                "Trump won........bummer."
And then we danced.                                                                                                          Nov. 9, 2016
Welcome to Moving Studios !

Since 1990, Moving Studios has offered classes that are positive, friendly and full of movement.  We help children develop motor skills and encourage creativity and self-expression through the art of dance.

Moving Studios offers…
  • Creative Dance classes at preschools, community centers,  camps,  and after school programs for children ages 2 and up 
  • Teacher Workshops at professional conferences or individual schools
  • Mom and Tot classes to get you started on the right foot.   
  • Fitness classes for teens and adults
  • Birthday parties at your home or First Position Dance Arts in Ardmore
  • Special events:  Family Dance, School Assembly Programs, Fit2Learn and more 

“My child wakes up and says ‘Is today dance at school?’”
                Ann Silvi
               Mother of Charlotte Reuben,  age 4

“The teachers are very personable and combine enthusiasm with a love of dance.”
      Brian Barrett
      Haverford Township Department of Parks & Recreation

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