Getting ready for fall classes.  I am reviewing my Ocean plans. 
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One day in a co-ed preschool dance class, I asked the children why we dance.  (My lesson plan had to do with telling stories through dance and this question was meant to introduce that concept.)

Children have a joy of movement that we adults are trained out of.   Did you ever hear a child say, “Oh, I can’t dance.  I don’t know how to dance, I have no rhythm.”  They do not say that.  Because they know they can dance.

“ ’Cause it’s fun?” replied Claire. 

“Because we move our muscles!” announced Danny.

“I like to dance, and do ballerina moves,” agreed Erin. 

And they were all off, dancing, spinning, jumping.  Just talking about it wasn’t enough.  They were, truly, irrepressible!

Everyone can dance.  Dance is natural: animals perform mating dances and the first people danced as part of everyday life to bring rain, to celebrate birth, to mourn. Their daily movements became ritualized in dance: harvesting moves and hunting moves, stamping down  grass to make a clearing.

But our lives became less dependent on physical chores like hunting and farming. People know they need to move more so they walk and lift weights and do the treadmill while watching TV.  But I am talking about moving the way you feel, the way you need to, the way you want to--to express your humanity – to celebrate community.

Look what happened when Ellen DeGeneres danced on her first talk show.  It became a fixture though it was not planned that way.

People like and need to dance together.


Enjoy these group dance celebrations:

(song by Mike Taylor)