From the mouths of babes.....

Rough day here for me, a Hillary supporter.  But as I started my 3:30 pm creative dance class for 3,4, and 5 years olds at a nearby preschool, little blonde, blue eyed Sophia looked right at me and said, with perfect timing and intonation:
                                                "Trump won........bummer."
And then we danced.                                                                                                          Nov. 9, 2016
Welcome to Moving Studios !

Since 1990, Moving Studios has offered classes that are positive, friendly and full of movement.  We help children develop motor skills and encourage creativity and self-expression through the art of dance.

Moving Studios offers…
  • Creative Dance classes at preschools, community centers,  camps,  and after school programs for children ages 2 and up 
  • Teacher Workshops at professional conferences or individual schools
  • Mom and Tot classes to get you started on the right foot.   
  • Fitness classes for teens and adults
  • Birthday parties at your home or First Position Dance Arts in Ardmore
  • Special events:  Family Dance, School Assembly Programs, Fit2Learn and more 

“My child wakes up and says ‘Is today dance at school?’”
                Ann Silvi
               Mother of Charlotte Reuben,  age 4

“The teachers are very personable and combine enthusiasm with a love of dance.”
      Brian Barrett
      Haverford Township Department of Parks & Recreation

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